About Us

World Run Day
 was founded by Bill McDermott of Long Beach NY (USA) in 1999. It was designed to celebrate the sport of running on a worldwide scale. Its mission is to broaden and promote the health benefits of running while also encouraging runners to donate to their own favorite charity on this special day.

It's made to be a simple, healthy, and thoughtful event that every runner can participate in:

1. Plan a running course * you'd like to run.
2. Make a donation to your favorite charity (Mail it directly to them)
3. Celebrate Running, its Health Benefits, and Your Health.

* Courses that are popular in your area will attract other participants.

Through a combination of communications to members of the running community, the running industry, and various media outlets, we plan to bring awareness of the event internationally. We originated terms like the “Virtual Run,” the “E-BIB” and well...many others.

This year our store offers a selection of unique Official World Run Day Event T-Shirts for everyone. 

Our belief is that by gaining attention through a worldwide celebration, we can educate others of the health benefits of running and secure a healthy future for both young and old. After all, don't we all agree that running is our favorite activity?

Due to the high cost of advertising, we rely on enthusiastic volunteers to host our event in different cities. We also like to be creative in videos and other art forms to create a buzz in the running community. 

Help us make this day become a reality by ordering your World Run Day Event shirt today!

Pursuit & Perseverance!

Bill McDermott
World Run Day Founder