FREE Runner Bibs for Every Country (250+)

BEST shopping when SEARCH TOOL is used. Or scroll down to select your World Run Day Free Event Bib. Our classic E-BIBS, designed for EACH COUNTRY ON THE PLANET, are available FREE for download starting October 20th. Simply select your bib, enter your e-mail, and we'll deliver it to your inbox. 

To REGISTER for World Run Day and allow your name to be listed on our site - in addition to being eligible for our competitive World Run Day Race, please see  the Register Link at (cost is $1.00 plus processing fee). This will enable us to post participants as well as list results in our World Run Day competitive division. (The $1.00 fee is charged to discourage individuals from entering erroneous data into our data base).

Of course, with variables of topography, temperature, altitude, wind, rain, and maybe even snow - we will have a difficult time judging winners. We will leave it up to voting once all results are in.

Thank You for your participation in World Run Day 2019